Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Lady Minimalists at ART Santa Fe

The Lady Minimalists Tea Society announces our booth at ART Santa Fe - July 12 through 15.  We are excited to be part of this international fair that will include galleries from Japan, South America, and Europe as well as the United States.  The fair is a great way to see lots of quality contemporary art in one space so please plan to attend and come visit our booth.

The LMTS evolved from friendships among the seven members when we realized our common aesthetic concerns.  Our name is tongue-in-cheek, but we do meet monthly for tea and conversation about art, and we all have been strongly influenced by classic 20th century Minimalism.  We are experienced artists with decades of studio work behind us who have adapted reductive process and materials in various ways and no longer consider ourselves strictly "minimal."   

We are based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  For all of us, Agnes Martin, who lived in this area, has been a significant inspiration.  Her work exemplified subtlety, repetition, formlessness, and for some, spirituality in art.  Her paintings also incorporated a personal quality of touch that we respond to, as opposed to the machine-made work of Donald Judd or Carl Andre, for instance.  

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