Saturday, February 1, 2014


Here are some installation shots of Shaun Gilmore and Janice Wall's exhibit at the Mesa Public Library in Los Alamos, New Mexico last July.  The light and space were perfectly suited to show off Shaun's hanging sculptures and Janice's prints.

Both Gilmore and Wall work experimentally inventing/reinventing their media as an integral part of developing the message. Shaun works with plastic in many forms, as you can see, including  acrylic paint, mylar and the lamination of various images.  Her 2-D drawings reference land, sky and topographic lines.

Janice uses simple historic building forms to create interactive zones - interior and exterior, arial and terrestrial.  The pictorial imagery may pertain to disintegration, dispersion or turbulence.  Her mixed-media works on paper combine inks, oils and etching press, dry pigments, layered papers, graphite and other media.

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