Monday, July 14, 2014

ART[s]UP=SALON in Galisteo, New Mexico

You are cordially invited to the first event of Shaun Gilmore's art and culture salon, featuring "A Conversation," an exhibit of work by the Lady Minimalists, plus a champagne brunch and talk with the artists.  This event will be held on Sunday, July 20th at Shaun's wonderful, light-filled studio.  If you are interested, please contact her directly at

"A Conversation" will include artwork by each of the Lady Minimalists, plus a nine-part collaborative painting that was created especially for ART[s]UP=SALON.  With each collaboration we become more excited about working together and more amazed at how our individual contributions complement each other.  Please come and see!  The exhibit will be up through the summer, with various events scheduled, or you can arrange an appointment with Shaun.

Some of the work in the show:

Danielle Shelley

Dara Mark

Diane McGregor

Janice Wall

Shaun Gilmore

Signe Stuart

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