Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Alcoves at the New Mexico Museum of Art

Continuing the story from our last blog post, here is Shaun Gilmore's installation at the New Mexico Museum of Art.  Shaun is one of five featured artists in this exhibition, which also - by luck and affinity - features Signe Stuart and Dara Mark.  The other artists are Mira Burack of Cerrillos and Kelly Eckel from Albuquerque.  The show opened on October 15th and runs through December 4th.

Of this show, Jon Carver writes in VAS: "visual wonder is thematic in Alcoves 16/17....opening centers, empty spaces and strong subtleties are the hallmarks of the show."

You are invited to a conversation with the artists on Friday, November 4th at 5:30 in the Museum of Art.

More images from the show, including a close-up of one of Signe's paper pieces:

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