Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Shaun Gilmore Shows in California

Two of Shaun's works on mylar are included in BIOTIC, group exhibition at H Gallery in Ventura, CA.  Curated by Yessica Torres for Dab Art, this show features work by 18 artists who focus on growth and the sympathetic relationships between life, matter and energy.  From the curator:

Growth is the fundamental objective of all biotic components, every factor requiring energy and sustenance for proper evolution.  The work featured in this group exhibition draws equally from environmental experience, mass media, and subcultural positions.  The artists selected for BIOTIC   are seeking to convey the often overlooked or undervalued messages of organic development and human influence.

 BIOTIC opened on August 19th and runs through October 1st.

Congratulations, Shaun!


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