Jill Christian

Faraway - 36 x 36" - oil on panel

The rhythm of the New Mexico landscape where I live is measured out across its wide-open spaces.  On the road, there are miles and miles of fence posts and fencing, a rhythmic tic marking space stretching out to the horizon.   The landscape of the Southwest invites stratification, while like the ocean it also opens out, with great expanses of distance and sky.  These measures inspire my work.

Applying brushstrokes one after the other, I fill the surface of my paintings with subtly shifting colors.  Patterns emerge, suggesting the flickering color and movement of water and sky as well as the warp and weft of fabrics and textiles.

Lux - 43 x 43" - oil on panel

Dark Blue Sea - 36 x 36" - oil on panel

Blue Water - 20 x 20" - oil on panel

To read more about Jill Christian, visit her website at www.jillchristian.com

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