Dara Mark

                                                        River/Flow/Chart #4, 2016, 59 x 41"
Water Chart, 2016,  54 x 64"

                                                                                    Infinity Strip #4

Chi  Gong #2


                                       LiquidStack #1                                                      Infinity Strip #2

These images represent my current work in watercolor on translucent Yupo, a synthetic paper.  I have hand-painted repeated shapes (large horizontal bars or small circles) and then allowed gravity to pool the colored liquid.  What you see are dried flows and puddles on layered translucent sheets.  With this technique, the ancient medium of watercolor achieves new brilliance, adhering to the plastic surface without being absorbed.

My work has a soft quality due to the nature of the pigments and the way they are applied. Nothing is forced - it is all in flow.  Only after the paint has dried do I arrange the sheets, looking for compositions of clarity, depth and beauty.

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  1. Your paintings at ART Santa Fe literally glowed. It was such an honor to exhibit with you!

    1. Thanks, Diane, I felt exactly the same about your work. Love that golden light!


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